Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Bench

Heer is a pikchur of my bench. As yoo can see, it is a nice bench. It is next to my summer home in the driveway, and it's kind of like an upstares. It gives me a good vantij point to patrol the premises. Mao always sez I only patrol the gutter, but that's not troo, and Mao is hardly ever outside. So win he's not outside, I have to do all the patroling. It's hard werk.

In this pikchur, I'm keeping an eegul eye on the sidewok. The sidewok is ware I see most of the introoders. It is next to my home in the gutter. I hate introoders, espeshully win they are dawgs.

The bench is nice to sit on win it's reely hot or reely cold outside becuz it duzn't git as hot or cold as the cement. Since I'm a geezer cat, I feel the cold more than yung wipper-snapper cats do. THE END -- RtGC


Anonymous said...

This is a test because blogger wouldn't let me post a comment when I first tried.


Anonymous said...

Well, If I can't comment under Rascal, I just pretend I'm anonymous.

Rocky, you are right that patrolling is very hard work. You have to look out for mice and moles and woofies and bugs and strange Cats, not to mention vishus deer. I think you should get lots of extra treats for doing such a good job.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job theer Rocky an we likes yer bench. It's handy that yoo haf got that grass beside it cos yoo can just reach out an haf a choo wivout heffing to get down.
From Eric and Flynn

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

nice bench - an upstairs is high class an fancy!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, I've always wondered where you go when it rains outside? It is pouring here right now. Does the gutter have a ceiling?


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Latte - The gutter does not have a ceiling, but the lady parks her bloo masheen (wich is kind of like a cabana on weels) in part of my gutter and it akts like a ceiling. If it's not raining too hard, that's ware I hang out -- under the bloo masheen.

If it's raining hard, I eether stay on the porch, ware the peeple put a heeted bed for me, or I go into the garaje, wich is a room of the howse that has its door open all the time so I can git in.

I don't like it win it ranes becuz I krap in the mulch, and the mulch gits all wet win it ranes. Forchewnitly, it duzn't rane too much heer.

Cecilia said...

Hi Rocky. Mrs. B was very interested in your pictures on Catster. You do like to show our tummy. She hope to see you at Skeezix's party. Check out our blog today, cause there are nice pics of Mrs. B.