Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gutter Improovemints

I've upgraded my gutter with a Linkin. I think yoo vixins will like it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rocky's Male Bag

Well, yoo'll need to klik and biggify it to reed it, but heer is a vary ixsiting thing I got in my emale box today. It's an invitayshun for a Porsche Lemans weekend. And I can bring along a gest. Hmmmm, wich one of my spicy vixins shood I take? The one hoo's bin WOOHOOing Jeter Harris?

Well, it terns owt the SV hoo's bin WOOHOOing Jeter Harris also gave me a Visa card award this week, and it will come in handy to pay for the Porsche weekend. So all is furgived. C'mon on, Sadie, pak sum toys and nip and let's go fur a lost weekend!!!!

Now I just hafta figyer owt wich deddykayted reeders of my blog to pass this award along to!