Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interdoosing this year's crop of interns

Go ahed and biggify to git a better look. The most recent crop of interns has reported fur werk at Mao & Rocky's VDR Faktery.

Thare names are Stinky Stan, Stinky Stevie, Stinky Stella, Stinky Stewie and Stinky Starbuck. They are vary vary eager to werk and have exhibited a lot of erly potenshul. Heer yoo can see them eeting. The only thing they like to eet is Fansy Feest Gold. It's one of our seekrit ingreedients and helps the interns purrdoose good stink.

Pleeze join me in giving this yeer's interns a big cat blogosfeer welcome!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mancat Monday

Go ahed, gerls. Bring yer moms. Cuz I know they'll wunt to kiss my floofy tummy. Take a number.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Vishus Deer Repelunt Produkshun is at an all-time high

I am happy to reepurt that Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt produkshun is at an all-time high. I even got the ladey to hand feed one of the skunks an shoo away the racoons wile Mrs Skunk is eeting so that Mrs Skunk can purrdoose a big crop of interns. Now if I can just teech the interns how to feed themselfs by opening the big wite food box in the garage....