Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuxedo Toozday

By now, the more ubzervunt amung yoo may have notist that thare are a lot of pikchurs of me on my bak. That is an astoot obzervayshun. That's how I sleep. Wich also makes it konveenyunt so I can do Tuxedo Toozday and Tummy Toozday all in one.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuxedo Toozday

Heer's wun of my most faverit sleeping pozishuns. This is the sleeping pozishun that freeks owt the peeple the most. The lady will ask the man, "COME LOOK!! IS HE BREETHING?" and she'll have the man come over and look becuz she can't bare to, and so then I hold my breth and hold varey still for as long as I can until I heer them go, "OH, ROCKY!" and uzhully then the lady lets owt a big breth of releef, and I just laff and laff. It's varey fun. THE END --- RtGC

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Formerly Feral Friday

This is a pikchur of Trip', owr stray cat. He used to be feral, but the lady got him tame and then she took him in the bloo masheen and got his goodie sak whacked, and she feeds him, and she got him a heeted cat bed, and he comes in the howse sumtimes, so he's not reely feral anymore. Well, ixsept for the fakt that he's psyko.

This is a pikchur of him dressing like that sissy, Skeezix. In fakt, Skeezix was vary upset that Trip was waring the speshul Halloween boa that Somoa got him. Skeezix jumped onto the raling upstares and yelled and yelled and yelled in that pathetik sqweeky voice of his. Trip didn't care. He was all over them fethers.

Anyways, since I am formerly ferul myself, I giv Trip a brake, since I know fersthand that life on the streets is hard. He's not a bad sort, just a littul too overenthooziastik. And psyko.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuxedo Toozday

I like this pikchur becuz it kind of aksenchewates my howrglass figyur. And, yoo can see how the inside of my mowth is both pink and blak. And it duz dubbul-duty as a Tummy Toosday foto. THE END --- RtGC
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Rocky's Male bag

I got a cuppul of things besides credit card offers in the male this week.

The ferst one was an offer of a job:

Dear Rockford Nichols,

Acurian, a company specializing in patient recruitment of clincal trials, is working with a pharmaceutical company to find individuals willing to potentially participate in a clinical trial for prevention of migraine headaches. If you experience frequent and painful headaches, we would like to provide you with information on this trial that may be of interest to you or your family.

Only through the interest of study volunteers do new treatment options get tested so that they may be approved by the FDA and become available to people who need them. Please allow Acurian the opportunity to share with you information about this trial for headache prevention.

If you would like more information on this trial, simply visit www.acuriantrials.com, or call 1-800-981-8065 between 8 am and 10 pm (EST) Monday - Friday.

Christopher Haines, MD

That sownds pritty good. I don't have headache problims, but maybe they can help with my pee problims!

The second was a valyubul set of FREE TIKITS that came in a speshul invitayshun frum Donald Trump's closest advizer! Eech tikit is werth $149.

Heer's whut it sed:

Dear Rockford,

Because you were referred to me, I wanted to personally invite you as my VIP guest to hear my story and be trained by "4" of my personal mentors, who are some of the wealthiest self-made multi-millionarie experts in America. We will share with you our unique wealth creating secrets and strategies. As my special VIP guest, I have enclosed two (2) complimentary tickets and you will receive a free special edition of "TRUMP Strategies for Real-Estate Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor" at the conference. The normal tuition fee of $149 is waived for you.

It kind of goze on and on after that, but I skipped over it becuz all I wunt to know is ware to sine up! I'm gonna take my frend Mao with me so that we can lern sum tips on how to market Mao and Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt and become rich millionaires. If we lern any good money-making tips, we'll let yoo know! THE END --- RtGC

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

Watching Klarense

I know sum of yoo are wundering whut I do in my spare time. As yoo can tell frum my Thursday Thirteen entry, I'm very bizzy. But I relax frum all that werk by watching myoosik videeyos and sumtimes dancing to that "Cat, I'm a kitty cat. And I dance dance dance" song.

In this pikchur, I'm watching wun of my faverit videeyos. It stars sumwun named Brooose. But I'm not watching Brooose heer. I'm watching my faverite persun in the videeyo. His name is "the big man Klarense Klemuns." I know it's a long name. He mite be relayted to the big man cat Kismet. He blows into this big metal thing and makes a lowd sound with it. It's kinda jazzy. I like it. Sumtimes, win I put on my Harley jakit and go down to Spanky's (the dive biker bar), I can heer Brooose and Klarense on the jukebox. THE END -- RtGC

Friday, October 06, 2006

MY Thursday Thirteen

My best frend Skeezix and Mao did sumthing called a Thursday Thirteen, so I thot I'd give it a try. Heer are thirteen things I do evry day:
  1. Eet 6 or 7 cans of Fancy Feest Turkey and Giblets in the green can.
  2. Sleep on the chare in the cat bedroom.
  3. Sleep in the green cooshun chare by the lake in the bak yard.
  4. Drink a few galluns of water owt of the big lake in the bak yard.
  5. Hang owt in the gutter.
  6. Sit in the cat mint.
  7. Krap in the mulch.
  8. Eet gutter grass.
  9. Rekreeayshun: Do nip and play with the felt mousie and clime the walls. Play chase with Skeezix.
  10. Win the man in the bloo shorts comes, chek to see if I have any credit card offers or other male. If I do, fill owt the offers and put them bak in the box for the man in the bloo shorts to take away.
  11. Wine for food.
  12. Drink the kitty water fowntin in the house dry.
  13. Pee big briks in the litter box upstares.
That's it. Now whut? --- THE END - RtGC

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Helth

I am surprizd by how menny of yoo cats are asking abowt my helth -- spesifikly abowt how my pee problim is doing. So heer's the update:
  1. No more ubstrukshuns. No more vet trips.

  2. They've bin forsing me to stay inside at nite wich at ferst I detested, but now I'm a regyuler nitetime inside cat. Skeez' got a lot of good nip for his berthday, and he's very nice to share it with me. And he's gotten me to play with him. I haven't played sinse Joonyer wint away. Joonyer was Mao's bruther hoo Skeez' "replayst". Joonyer was my best frend. He was the ferst cat hoo playd with me, and we became best frends. We'd cuddul up and sleep together. He was the gratest. Then something happend, and Joonyer wuzn't heer any more. That made me deprest, and that's win I desided to go bak to being a fulltime owtside cat, and I didn't play anymore. Skeez came to liv with us, and he wunted to play, but I wuz too deprest over Joonyer to play with Skeez' (hoo frankly, got on my nervs), and I never saw him much becuz he was an inside cat, and I was an owtside cat. So win my pee problim got bad and I was forst to stay inside, I had to spend more time with the wite rat. He got me playin agin. It's nice. I like playin'. It's fun. I git so nipped owt that I literully clime the walls win I play with Skeez. I'm FRISKY. We like to chase eech other fast thru the howse. It makes me purrr.

  3. They put medisin goop on my eers for my thigh roids problim. I have no ideeyuh why they put it on my eer, and not my thighz. I also have no ideeyuh why "thigh" has a "gh" on the end.

  4. I won't know until I get crammed into the cardbord prizzin box win I go to the vet next. Maybe never. Maybe today. I just don't know. They won't tell me becuz they think I'll run away if I know. Thare rite.

Thank yoo all fer yer consern. It's nice. THE END --- RtGC

PS: Heer's sum pikchurs of me with my best frend Joonyer: