Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Calling all Vixins!

WOW. I fownd this reely grate bed up on top of one of the ded compyooter teevees in the office. It kinda smells like Mao, but finders keepers, it's my luv nest now. It has a cushy mat that's heeted and keeps me toasty warm. And it sleeps plenty of spicy vixins. Yoo can see me heer calculating how many vixins will fit up thare with me. It was sum hard thinkin, cuz the math is complikayted seeing as how at leest two of my vixins --- Halloween and Sadie --- are porkers and take up as much space as 4 skinny vixins. That's okay tho, cuz they are good luvvin vixins, and thare werth it, even if as not as many vixins can be up in the heeted bed with me.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I had a vary fine weekend. As yoo all know, I spend my entire day frum brekfist to dinner sleepin inside the red stroler that is in the garaje. I dunno why they call it a stroler, cuz it just sits thare it shood be called a sitter. But anyway, imajine my surprize this weekend win I discuverd sevrul pints of Ginniss stuft under the cooshuns in the stroler. SKORE! C'mon over ladeez, the pawty's at my place!!!!