Saturday, December 30, 2006

We have a winner: Grr!!!!!

As Pumpkin korrektly gessed, the winner of the 100th post kontest is GRR with a winning gess of 12/27 @ 6:40 AM. Grr wins the Bad Cats Page-a-Day Kalinder. Yes, Grr used her cunning intillekt to akshully cownt the posts frum the beeginning and figyur owt that the kontest post was the 100th! Way to go Grr!!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Formerly Ferul Friday

Heer is a FFF foto of Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat. Akshully, he's gitting less psyko. He's also gitting less skinny. The man is holding him up so yoo can see how not skinny he is. And Trip told me to point owt that he has big wisker humps and big paws.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

My 13 Noo Yeerz Rezzolooshuns

  1. Bild my harum of spicy vixins
  2. Mooch more nuzzles and skriches
  3. Kleen owt and orgunize gutter
  4. Teech Skeez my triks on how to woo wimmin
  5. Sell ten cans of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunttm
  6. Exersize by lifting spicy vixins up on my lap
  7. Lern to drive a Harley
  8. Finish reeding "Ten Steps to a More Successful Persunality"
  9. Grow more nip
  10. Buy that spicy vixin Rosie a BART tikkit to come vizit me (Kuntinjint on suksessful exekyooshun of #5)
  11. Win Catster's Coolest Cat Sleeper Award for the sekund yeer in a row
  12. Git fameus like Brad Pitt so I can attrakt more spicy vixins.
  13. Maybe rite a book on how to git lots of spicy vixins

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gess my 100th post kontest!

Gess the time and date of my 100th post, and win this fabyulus prize (akshully, it's not all that fabyulus, but Skeez tells me yer more likely to think it's fabyulus if I say it's fabyulus):

Prize: Bad Cat-a-Day Kalinder

Leeve yer gesses (date AND time PST) in the comments feeld of this post. All cats are ellijibul. DEDLINE for GESSES: midnite Friday, 12/29.

Widebody Wenzday

Unlike mine, the wite howrglass pattern on her stumik duzn't seem to have much of a slimming efekt.

How I spended Krissmiss

I slept the day away in the bakyard, dreeming of spicy vixins:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuxie Toozday

Next to my faverit spot (the gutter), thare is the driveway, and the ferst part slopes up. I like laying on it so that my hed is lower than my butt. It makes the blood rush to my hed wich helps kyoor nipovers, and givs yoo kind of a rush win yoo git up reel fast. Yoo shood try it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm Dreeming of Sum Spicey Vixins!

I've had to kave into sum peer presshur to come up with a Krissmiss song, so heer it is: I'm Dreeming of Sume Spicy Vixins:
I’m dreeming of sum spicy vixins,
Like Sadie, DaisyMae and Rosie
We’ll eet turkey and fixin’s
And do lots of kissin,
And share catnip in the snow.

I’m dreeming of sum spicy vixins
With evry blog entrey I rite.
May yer days be nip-filled and bright!
And yer vixins spicy all nite.

6PM PST tonite: Skeezix's Krissmiss Eeve Story!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Formerly Ferul Friday

Heer is anuther Formerly Ferul Friday Foto of my frend Trip. Well, I'm not reely shur that we're buds, ixzaktly, but he hangs owt heer. And if my harem gits too big, he may be takin care of the overflow. Don't werry, ladeeez, chek owt his massiv wisker humps AND his ginormus paws. He's a big boy.

Thursday Thirteen: Edishun 3

Rockyboy's 13 Top Pikup Lines.
  1. Hey, Babe. Wanna see my gutter?
  2. Wanna be one of my spicy vixins?
  3. If yoo blow chunks, I'll eet it.
  4. If yoo were a booger, I wood pik you ferst.
  5. Wunt to chek owt my catnip boo-fay?
  6. If byooty was a crime, yoo'd be in for life.
  7. My catbed is heetid. Wanna warm up?
  8. I'm on Santa's nawty list. Wunna find owt why?
  9. If you were a new burger at McDonald's, you'd be McGorgeous.
  10. Do yoo like Fancy Feest? Cuz that's whut we're having for brekfist tomorrow.
  11. Yer legs must be tired becuz yoo've bin running thru my mind all nite.
  12. This isn't a beer belly--it's the gas tank for a luv masheen!
  13. Hey, Sadie. Yoo look like me!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Widebody Wenzday

This is my frend Sophie. As yoo can see, she is vary Rubenesque, wich meens byootiful in a klassical, romantik, widebodied way. Is it troo that all orange gerl cats are named Sophie? Just wundering.

Tuxie Toozday

Heer's my Tuxie Toozday foto. It's me and the wite rat rasslin'. We likes rasslin'. I know it looks like the wite rat has romanse on his mind, but beeleeve me, that's not the case Sadie and DaisyMae and Rosie.

Monday, December 18, 2006

That Spicy Vixin Rosie is Cat of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My good frend and nip pal, that spicy vixin Rosie, is Catster's Cat of the Day today!!!! Well, it's abowt time! Rosie is the gratest, as yoo all know, and it's time the werld knew abowt it! She's always up for anything, she is vary vary supportiv of her frends, and she's spicy, to boot! She cheers evrybuddy on, and always has a pawsitiv owtlook. In short, she's the best!!! Yoo can see why I'd like to add her to my harem (if she wuzn't alreddy taken!)

I inkerij yoo to drop by her Catster profile, and if yer a member, leeve her a treet or a rozette or a star and let her know that yoo think she's the best, too!!!!!

>> Rosie's Blog

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rocky's Male Bag

I've bin gitting a lot of stuff in the male frum Academy of Art University. At ferst it sownded like too much werk, but then I thot: CO-EDS! And it's in San Fransisko, so I cood vizit that spicy vixin Rosie. And I cood take BART thare and sleep on the trayne so I woodn't miss much nappin' time. They sent me a big fat book that is good for a pillow, and a CD that nice pikchurs that made me sleepy. So they no just wut buttuns to push to make me wunt to go thare.

I also got a bro-shur frum Fremont Porsche wich sells Porsches. They spell porche funny becuz its Jermun. We kinda need a new frunt porche after my industreeyul aksident, since it still stinks like skunk farts by the frunt door, so maybe I'll go vizit them and try to git the peepul a new frunt porche for Krissmiss. I have to admit, the bro-shur was vary stranje becuz thare was not one singul pikchur of a porche, just a bunch of sports cars. Advertizing can be vary misteerius.

Big Bad Baby Twinkle is a GERL!

Terns owt, Big Bad Baby Twinkle is a gerl cat. My bad. I saw the pikchur of her werking owt and OF KORSE I thot it was a boy cat becuz gerls don't werk owt..... do they? Not ever having bin arownd gerls cats (ixsept down at my biker bar, and I don't reely know that they qwalify as gerls), I don't always know unless I take a good look down thare, and win yoo assoom its a boy cat yer not lookin' down thare anyway.

My apolujeez, BBBT!!!!!! We hope yoo'll come bak! THE END --- RtGC

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Widebody Wenzday

This is Big Bad Baby Twinkle. Big name, big cat. As yoo can see, she's a hole lotta cat to love. And heer's a pikchur of her werking owt:

Yoo can find owt more abowt Big Bad Baby Twinkle on her Catster profile. THE END --- RtGC

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuxie Toozday: Sepurrrayted at Berth?

If it seems like I'm a littul frisky lately, it's becuz I've bin gitting such goooood nursin' frum my harem -- espeshully Sadie and DaisyMae. The thing abowt Sadie is that it's like lookin' in a mirrer. That's her in the pikchur above. We even have the faint littul pointy white mark between owr eyes. She and Speedy and Zippy finely got thare own blog, so yoo can hop over thare and see more pikchurs. Is thare anybuddy else owt there hoo has a "sepurrayted at berth" dubbul? THE END --- RtGC

Saturday, December 09, 2006


The animaytid Rocky kittin moovey in the sidebar is not akshully of me. But it looks just like me win I was a babey. Unforchewnitly, I am such an old geezer that I was born beefore mooveys were inventid, so thare are no mooveys of me win I was a kittin. But if thare were, it wood look like this. The peepul at the SFSPCA named me, and I gess they named me after Rocky the fiter, but I'm not much of a fiter (I'm a LOVER, Sadie, Daisy Mae and Rosie, and all yoo other spicy vixens owt thare), but maybe they saw me doing sumthing like this and that's how I got my name. THE END -- RtGC

I'm myoozikul

Evry nite, the man plays myoosik for us beefore we go to bed. I like to help. I press the DJ buttun evry wunse in a wile to jazz it up a littul bit. As yoo can see, I have the same coloring as a Peeano, and I pee a lot, so I'm a natcherul to be a PEEano helper. THE END --- RtGC

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Formerly Ferul Friday

Tooday I saloot the formerly ferul Tripper the psyko stray cat. He's come a long way frum being that haff-starvd wild thing that climed owt of the forest into owr lives. I'm not shur I like him much, but I'm glad he's takin care of. THE END --- RtGC

I'm a Winner!

I was shokt to lern that I won the "Sleeper" category in Catster's Werld's Coolest Cat Kontest. Well, I wasn't shokt abowt the sleeping part, becuz it's the third best thing I do next to luvvin' and nippin'. I was shokt becuz Skeez's frend Gordy didn't win the category -- he's the one I akyuzed of illeegully using the Photoshop Kyoot Filter. In fakt, I'm surprized Gordy didn't win the hole kontest. One of the things I won was a ConAir Pro clipper set, wich meens I can persunully give Mao his Lion cut next summer, hehehe. THE END --- RtGC

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm vary ixsited to annownse that my gerlfrend Sadie* now has a blog! Yoo may know her sister Zippy frum Skeez's Tales of Devoshun Kontest. If yoo don't know hoo Sadie is, yoo absolootly HAVE to take a look becuz she looks ixzaktly like me! Anyway, thare blog is heer -- go say hellow and add her to yer blogroll! THE END --- RtGC

* No werries, gerls, thare's plenty of ole' Rocky to go arownd!

Whut kind of vishus ranedeer I am....

You Are Blitzen

Always in good spirits, you're the reindeer who loves to party down with Santa.

Why You're Naughty: You're always blitzed on Christmas Eve, while flying!

Why You're Nice: You mix up a mean "vishus deer" or a Catmopolitan for yer faverit vixens.

GOT MY STAPLES OWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh happy day. Had to go bak to Bullevard Pet Hospitul, but I finely got my staples owt, and no branes leeked owt win they remoovd the staples!!!

But gerls, yer still welcome to come over and give ole' Rocky sum GOOOOOOD nursin'! THE END --- RtGC

Just wundering....

... if DaisyMae thinks of me as a panty-waist nooter boy.

Widebody Wenzday

Heer's my Widebody Wenzday foto for this week. I think this yeer I'm gonna cut bak on the frootkake and nog. THE END --- RtGC

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuxie Toozday

Heer is a pikchur of me on my planche a griffe. It was taken beefore I had my forehed stapled. It's one of my favorite playses to hang owt: on my planche a griffe, wich is a kardbord skracher. The peepul put nip in the kraks, so I skratch a littul, sniff a littul, nap a littul. It's grate. Yoo shood try it.

>> Sox
>> Abby


* I'm a littul sweet on her. She's hot. Yoo shood chek her owt.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

We had a littul industreeyul aksident...

Oh, man. Last nite, me and Mao were wipping up a batch of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt, and I dunno WHUT happend ... I had a littul nip and my pane meds, and I was kinda dreemin' of Daisy Mae and that spicey vixin Rosie, and I musta not bin paying attenshun .... and I tipped over the hole batch neer the frunt porch, wich yoo mite say, cawzd qwite a stink. It made the howse smell bad, too. Reel bad. The peepul were talking abowt spending the nite in a hotell and the wite rat was running thru the howse skreeming that a skunk got electorkyoooted --- wich is ixzaktly whut it smelld like, only stronger. Forchewnitly, nobuddy kawt on to the fakt that me and Mao were up to sumthing.

So, if yoo placed an order with us reesintly, it mite be delayed until we can catch enuf skunk farts to make anuther batch. THE END --- RtGC