Thursday, December 14, 2006

Big Bad Baby Twinkle is a GERL!

Terns owt, Big Bad Baby Twinkle is a gerl cat. My bad. I saw the pikchur of her werking owt and OF KORSE I thot it was a boy cat becuz gerls don't werk owt..... do they? Not ever having bin arownd gerls cats (ixsept down at my biker bar, and I don't reely know that they qwalify as gerls), I don't always know unless I take a good look down thare, and win yoo assoom its a boy cat yer not lookin' down thare anyway.

My apolujeez, BBBT!!!!!! We hope yoo'll come bak! THE END --- RtGC


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I think Speedy gots his furst crush, er, can't crush, er. He likes Baby, an he sez he can prolly rassel wit her and not hurt her like happens wit me. He's 16 lbs, i'm only 9, yoo do the maf. No reely, yoo hasta doo it cuz i kant do maf.~Sadie

Big Bad Baby Twinkle said...

Yo, I'm here -- I aint offendid -- like I sed, it's sumpin I've gottin usta, lo these many yeerz.

Speekin of Bikurz, I gots my own biker hat an spiked collir so I can swaaagurr wit da best of dem (and da woist of dem too).

Wenn Meowmie wirked in a hoity toity part of town there wuz dis Bikur Bar akross da street frum her respecktabull offisss, called Da CrowBar. Man she sed it wuz a kool plaiss but then they tored it down to make another offiss building and life haz nevur been da same.

Yo Speedy, doan even think of wispurring sweet nuttins in my eerz. Wrasslin yess. Sweet nuttins no -- But thems yoo can do with Sweet Cee Cee, da luv-starvvd hairpeece what lives in da same home with me.
Here she iz....

Ack. Let's partay


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

You will be forgiven for the error, Rocky. Sometimes it's hard to tell just from a picture & a name whether the cat in question is a guy or a girl!

Cee Cee said...

Heya Princess Zippora -- I wentid and lookt at yore Bllooggg and I nottisst dat yoo are a very pritty kitty. I wood like to snuuuuzull yew. There is no wun here to snuzzull ekkspt Meowmie and she izz not a cat.

I yam a frilly eliggant ladeekittee what lived on da meen streets and had a coupla litters of babykittees before me and my famlee got reskewed and Spootered, and I wentid to live in Meowmie's home.

I hav a Snuzzul fettish.

BBBT iz heer but she iz snarly, whiny and hewge and she duz not snuuzzul. I usta snuzzull Miss Princess but she wudd always slaaap me and it made me very sad. Then she diedid from Cansur, and dat made me even saaaddur.

BTW -- How doo yoo get yore Elf naims and wy are all yor Elfs names "Twinkle" sumething???

Pee Ess. Speedy is hansum but did they run owta grey before they reeched his belleee????

Yores droooly

Sweet Cee Cee

DaisyMae Maus said...

Rocky ... ANOTHER girl? Are you putting together a harem of spicy vixens?
DaisyMae Maus

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

DaisyMae -- I don't hink BBBT wood fit in my harem!

Big Bad Baby Twinkle said...

Yore so rite Rocky -- Iyam not a spie-see vikkksun. Iyam a GANGSTA cat wat luvs adbenchur and eeting and sleeping and terrorie-zing vetties and kitteez'n poochiz.

Skewz mee, gotte run -- I think I heer a foodie can beein opind.

Hey Speedy wanna wrassul again?? Dat furst time wuz fun. Meowmie came by latur on and sedd sumping abowt all da hare on da rug -- "Wow BBBT -- RU sheddin or wat?!!"

Har Har.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sure BBBT, I likes rasslin, I try to do it wif Sadie but she's scrawny (tuff but scrawny) and I alwuz win. I don't know if Zippy would snuggle wif Cee Cee, she's kinda cranky, alwuz worried about sum kitty tuchin her paws. She uzed to luv to snuggle with old punkin but she wented to da bridge frum cansur too. Hey, maybe dey cood be frends. Dey bof losted snuggul partners to da cansur (dat cansur sur is a horrible ting). Sadie is too bizy bein a flirt to do much, she'z Rocky's spicy vixen and part of hiz harem.

Big Bad Baby Twinkle said...

Hey Speedy -- I'd love to see Cee Cee gettin togethur wit anudder kitty even if it was just for some gossip and some mews and chews. Just better tell Zippy dat Madama cee Cee likes to Kvetch kvetch kvetch!

I must sheepishlee admit dat Miss Princess, hoo wuz about 8 or 9 pownds wunss beet da heck outta me. Dat wuz on da day we both endid up inside da kitty house (Biiig Puter bokks with windows and doors) at da same time -- boy did I get smakked silly!! (only becuz she cawt me by surpryzze) We had succha hewge fite, dat Meowmie pitched da puter-bokss kitty howse (after she lokked me in da bedrum for my own safety -- Miss Princess was smakkin da bedrum door, she was sooo mad at me!)

Acks and Purrs to yewz

Innercent BBBT