Friday, November 16, 2007

Oops. I did it agin.

Well, ladeez, I did it agin. I managed to skore a finulists spot in Catster's Werld's Coolest Cat Contest. As yoo all know, I eeked owt a win in the sleeper category last yeer, wich I was shur I didn't stand a chanse in cuz Gordy sumhow got hold of Photoshop's kyoot filter but sumhow a mirukul occurred and I beet him... but this yeer he's gonna take away Skeezy's krown in the Costoooms and Shades category with his grate stuntman owtfit. HAHAHA! Take that, Skeez!

But even tho Gordy (thank dog) is not in my category, I still have stiff competishun. Fur ixzampul:


So once agin this yeer, I'll have to put in my sorry plee for yer vote for Best in Show. Heer are the reezins yoo shood vote for me insted of Skeezix or Mao or Trip or any of the other entreez:
  1. I'm an old geezer cat. This may be the very last kontest I ever git to enter.
  2. If I win, win I'm having my pee problims, I'll be abul to think of thoze happy daze win I was the Werld's Koolest Cat, and it mite take my mind off the pane.
  3. Skeezix is only 2 3 yeers old, and he has abowt 20 19 more chanses to enter agin before he dies.
  4. I pee a LOT, and that meens both freeqwintly and qwantitativly. So I need that yeer's supply of cat litter more than Skeez.
  5. Skeezix can go enter a cat show if he wunts to win sumthing. I'm a no-papers mixed breed frum the pownd hoo can't enter cat shows.
  6. Did I menshun that I'm an old geezer cat and this may be the very last kontest I ever git to enter?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Man, this suks

Sophie wint to the Bridge this morning. I am so bummed. She was a grate vixin, and an exsillint frend. Please drop by Sophie's Catster page and leeve a note for her famly.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hang in thare, Sophie!

Sophie, hoo wun ferst place in my Spiciest Spicy Vixin Halloween Contest isn't doing so good. In fakt, she mite be reddy to go to the Bridge. Sophie is one of my faverite vixins cuz she izn't too uppity, and she's a geezer so she understands abowt me needing my naps. And of korse, geezer vixins are grateful for any attenshun yoo give them, and they know a few triks of thare own.

Anyway, I hope yoo pull owt of this, Sophie. And if not, thanks for saving me a place with lots of catnip cigars at the Bridge. Yer a grate old broad.

Catsters, yoo can drop by Sophie's Catster page and leeve her sum heeling thots and maybe a rozette ... I know she'd appresheeate it.