Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farewell to a Lovely Vixin....

One of my faverite vixins, Halloween, went to the Bridge this morning. She was vary yung --- only 17-1/2 -- wich makes it even more trajeek. She was probly the sweetest of all my vixins. She never got uppity, and was always vary cuddly. She and Vixin Sadie were espeshully good frends.

Pleeze drop by her blog and give her mom a big hug and some purrs. And I cood use sum cuddling, if any of yoo vixins wunt to drop over this afternoon.

Pleeze post the badge above on yer blogs if yoo like.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Pleeze purray fur one of my vixins

One of my faverite vixins, Halloween is having surjery cuz they think she has a toomer on her livver. Halloween has bin a vary loyal and vary spicy vixin, and I hope yoo'll all drop by her blog and send her sum "git better" wishes. She saved my life once by sending me Lourdes water win we thot it was all over for me. The Lourdes water kyerd me and I'm still enjoying my vixins today. Get better, Halloweenie!