Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

What duh ....?

So Mao was krankier than usual this morning. I think his kranky pants were givin' him a wedgie. Wich meens he was VARY LOWD. An uzhully I don't choo the fat with him cuz he bums my high, but this morning I had to ask, "Whut's up wit choo?" And then I got the news. Sinse Skeez is a Catster lackey now, I CANNOT ENTER THE SLEEPER CATEGORY OF THE WERLD'S COOLEST CAT CONTEST THIS YEER!!!! I have bin praktissing and praktissing gitting my sleepn' skills down so that I can DOMINATE the category only to lern that I can't enter. I wun that category in 2006 (forchewnitly, werd got owt abowt Gordy's illegal use of the Photoshop Kyoot Filter), and I was a finalist last yeer, and this yeer, with lots of praktiss, I was shur I cood go all the way. I OWN THAT CATEGORY, MAN! I meen, nappin', it's whut I DO!

I need a vixin fix.