Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD Vixins, and espeshully DMM

Well, as most of yoo know, I don't much do the Valentine's thing. I let the vixins do as they will, but they always come bak to old Rocky.

This yeer, one of my vixins was rocked by trajedy. It was DMM. Her valentine, Jake, wint to the Bridge. So I stept up and offerd to be her valentine if she wood take me. That's the valentine I made, rite up thare. I figyerd, yoo know, this mite be my last VD, so I've gotta grab luv by the short 'n' curlies, or sumthing like that. I just hope I don't git in too much trubble with Sadie. And Halloween. And Sophia. And on and on and on. Thare's always gonna be a vixin with her tail in a snit.

Gerls, thare's plenty of room on the placemat fur evrywun!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Godspeed, Jake

Jake stole one of my spicy vixins, so he must have bin one hubba hubba mancat. I gess he was okay, cuz he still let DMM come over and snuggle with me. I'm going bak to sleep on my placemat now.