Thursday, March 22, 2007


I kinda wint wild with the nip tonite and jumped on top of my tunnel box, and win I did, it IXPLODED!!!! I'm lukky I wasn't killd! Heer are the reemanes. Forchewnitly, the nip evvydinse was deestroyd too, so I won't git in trubbul with the awthoriteez. I'm bummd becuz I reely loved my tunnel box.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Widebody Wenzday

This is an arkive pikcher of my grate frend Joonyer. Him and me were sittin' on one of the patio chares ware we used to live in Sausaleeto. As yoo can see, his body kind of spills owt over evrything. Joonyer was a widebody frum the time he was a kittin.

He tot me how to play and how to rassle and how to have fun. This was beefore I had a harem to keep me cumpanny. We miss Joonyer. --- THE END - RtGC

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuxie Toozday

Heer I am at my noo job. I help the man in the office win he's werking on his compyooter. I sit thare and soopervize. Soopervizin' is whut yoo do win yoo git to be a middul manajer and yoo don't akshully have to DO anything, yoo just watch other peepul do stuff. Win I git done soopervizin', I nap. As yoo can see, I'm vary good at it. --- THE END - RtGC

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Phewie! Whut a St Patriks Day!

We sellubrated hard last nite for St Patrik's Day. I pincht all the gerls and Trip was with me ... we did a lot of my primo nip and ate a ton of greenies... it was GRATE! We dansed a danse called a jig wich makes yoo lite-hedded vary fast, espeshully after a lot of nip. Trip got blotto. I wasn't much better, but I dragged myself upstares, peed on the brand noo box that Rosie and Cheeto sent to the wite rat, and crawld into my tunnel box to sleep it off. Geezers can party just as hard as yoo yung-uns!!! Woot!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Git Well Earl Grey!

Got Stuk Saterday

Today I got stuk on top of thing called a "trellis" that covers the walkway at the side of the howse. I yowld and yowld and the ladey came and I think she was going to wate until the man came home to git me down, and I sed NO NO NO GIT ME DOWN NOW!!!! So she got the silvery ladder thing and got me to come by the end of the trellis, and grabbd me and put me on her sholder and wint down the silvery thing to the grownd, and I was so exsited to have bin reskyood that I frolikt! I did a littul jig and then I ran up the birch tree to sellubrate! THE END --- RtGC

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goodbye, Fudge Ripple

It is with a vary hevvy hart that I share the nooz that owr vary deer frend, Fudge Ripple (one of DaisyMae's Feeline Amerikans) was helped to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday at 2:15pm. Since DaisyMae is one of my spicy vixins (win she's not mad at me), I thot of Fudge Ripple as a bruther-in-law. Pleeze drop by thare blog to pay yer respekts. Fudgie was a vary gentle, sweet cat and we will miss him vary much.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tabby Toozday

Well, it's my tern to give up my blog space for a day so that that Psyko Stray Cat Tripper can post a foto for Tabby Toozday. So heer it is. Yoo probly shoodn't look if yer yung and impreshunubul. In this pikcher, Trip is having fun with his gerlfrend, Tiger. Tiger is the only one hoo reely likes Trip, and she'll let him be as ruff with her as he wunts. Me? I have more respekt for the ladies than whut Trip duz, but then thare's sumwun for evrybuddy, rite? Tiger reely isn't spicy enuf for me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Skeezix is Sik

My buddy Skeezix is sik. He's too sik to blog. The ladey brot him home in the prizzin box today and he wint to bed and he's bin in bed ever sinse. He won't eet anything. He duzn't even wunt to shop for kyoot owtfits on the innernet. But he hasn't throne up sinse he got home. He has to go bak to the vet man on Munday. They put flooids in him and giv him medisins. I don't have anybuddy to play with. I hope he'll be okay, sinse he's my only frend. THE END --- RtGC

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Widebody Wenzday

This is Atlas, hoo is having I serjery today. Yoo may know Atlas frum the fame-us C Street Band. Let's hope he duz well: we luv ya, guy! If yer a Catster member, drop by his profile and leeve him a treet or a rozette, okay?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuxie Toozday

I'm testing owt all the ree-sykul boxes we have. This is similer to the other one (with 2 peeping tom holes), but it has sum neet stuff in the bottum, so it feels nice and livd in.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Skeezix got his tunnelbox bak

Skeez' is vary upset and his face is leeking, so I deesided to give him bak his tunnel box to make him feel better. I kinda like the cozy reesykling box with the peeping tom holes better, anyway.