Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'd like to make an importunt annownsemint.

I have deesided to live the rest of my life as an inside cat. So my gutter is up for grabs. If yoo wunt to rent it, let me know. If any of yoo Spicy Vixins are comin' by to hang with me, look up and I'll be on the balkoney above the garaje. I have a better view frum thare.

Just thot yoo'd like to know.

Come Hither

Heer's how I look win I've gottin a lot of nursin' frum my Spicy Vixins.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tripper on Toozday

Tripper thretend to sit on me if I didn't let him use my blog to do Tripper on Toozday. Sinse I'm up to my eyeballs with Spicy Vixins nursing my hert paw that I injerd wile using the Crackberry (thanks, Daisy), I grayshusly invited Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat to post a foto for "Tripper on Toozday." Heer's whut Tripper has to say abowt this pikcher:

Gee THANKS ROCKY!!!! WHY CAN'T I HAVE MY OWN BLOG???? As yoo can see, I have grate fotos I can put up, and I'm looking espeshully big man catly espeshully waring the grate New York Yankeez cap that Jeter Harris gave me and maybe nows the time to point owt that I DO NOT USE STAREOIDS like that CHEETER BARRY BONDS I'm just big natcherully and let me just say, thare's a lotta me to love PARKER ARE YOO PAYING ATTENSHUN???? WATE I THINK I JUST SAW A MOTH..... GOT IT!!!! And yoo woodn't beeleeve whut a FREEK that littul wite Cat is he spended the hole day LIKKING A MAGNIT! I think Jeter Harris is my vary best frend in the entire werld. He's grate. LIFE IS GRATE. Wate, I think thare's more oh yeah: LAFFIN AN LAFFIN! See? I can blog! I shood have my own blog.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I herted my paw

I think the Spicy Vixins need to dress up in thare nurses owtfits and come over and take care of ol' Rocky Boy. I herted my paw this morning. It bleeded. The peepul got home frum the cherch thing they go to and saw the blud on my paw and they asked, "Rocky, what'd ja do to yer paw?" And I just kinda shrugd my sholders and din't tell them. They cuddled me and put sum hurty liqwid on it and tride to ixamin it and menshund sumthing abowt the V-E-T wich is always BAD NEWZ (ixsept if the vet givs me good psykadelik drugs). Skeezix offerd to put on his dokter's owtfit, but yoo know, he's just not the same as a spicy vixin. And he's a littul too eeger to put a thermomuter up my poophole. --- THE END --- RtGC

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuxie Toozday

The good nooz is: I got my own compyooter!
The bad nooz is: The keys are too small.

Duz anybuddy know how to werk one of theeze?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Pal Babe

Win it's reel hot, I hang on the balkoney cuz thare are sumtimes nice breezes that come up the hill and make me cool. The balkoney has a cat door owt to it, and owt thare is ware the litter boxes live in thare own howse. That way we can't smell Skeezy's stinkey poops in the howse. They put down this fake rug thing thare so the litter duzn't fall down onto the dek ... and it's a nice rug cuz it's just like grass ixsept unlike the frunt yard, the next door nayber dawg duznt krap on it. So I lay on it, next to the cat litter box howse all day long. It's nice. And better than laying in the gutter win peepul like Mr Tinydik are watering thare lons.

In this pikcher, my frend Babe has joined me. Babe is NOT a spicy vixin. He's not even a spicy dood. He's just a blob. He beelongs to the man's mom. Sumtimes Babe comes and hangs with me just to hang with the cool crowd. Sumtimes I'll wake up frum a nap and think maybe I'm lookin' at Sadie's bak end, but no, it's just a babe butt. I try to be nice to Babe cuz he used to be a ferul cat. At leest he's not psyko like that stoopid Tripper.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Feets on Friday

Sumbuddy gave Skeezix this toy and the man notist that the toy and me have idenikul feets. Whut doo yoo think of that?

Rocky's Male Bag

This is wut I got in the male tooday. It is a letter frum my frends at the porsha deelership inviting me to take a Cayenne owt for a test drive. This sownds like fun. Hoo wunts to go with me? A Cayenne sownds hot and spicy, just the rite car for a spicy vixin!

Monday, June 04, 2007

MadCat Munday

Today sukt. I sed more bad werds then I ever did in my life. Becuz today sukt. The man (hoo USED to be my buddey) put together my medikul rekerds (see abuv) frum the Emerjinsy Vet torcher place and he throde me into the box and took me in his lowd bloo masheen to the torcher place in Castro Valley. Let me tell yoo, it's bin a long time sinse I kust that much at one time. I thot the wite rat was gonna ixplode frum heering all thoze bad werds. The man told me we were just going thare for a short trip and we were coming rite bak home. BUT HE LIDE. Yes, my FORMER buddey lide to me, and left me thare so the torcher peepul cood torcher me sum more. I thot I wuz a gonner. They did all kinds of hurty things in my mouth and to my teeths and they stabd 10 foot long needuls into me and draned me dry of my blud. But they didn't suk the pee owt of me! In fakt, I reely had to go. They put me in the box, and then I herd a familyer voise - it was the lady. And even tho I had to pee, she just stade thare and blabd and blabd with the torcher place ladeys hoo took her plastik thing frum her and they were tawkin' abowt the wite rats' mannycure --- like hoo gives a poop????? --- and his blog until I wunted to yakk. FINELY we left and I got my reevenje! On the way home, I peed and peed and peed and the pee wint owtside the box and onto the ladey's lether seets and wool karpit in her bloo masheen. VIKTERY!!!!! And I sware, the man will never be my buddey agin. (Did I menshun today sukt???) --- THE END - RtGC

Man Cat Monday

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update on my cundishun

I'm holding steddy. I have a bit of a kold, wich has me sneezing kind of a lot, wich werries the peepul, and in tern, werries me becuz it offin meens I'll git shuvd into the prizzin box and taken to the torcher place. So the peepul are watching me closely to see if I git werse -- I git so freekt win they take me to the torcher place that they try not to take me thare unless it's absolootly nessessary.

In the meentime, I'm trying to trak Mao down so he'll come bak and manaje the interns. I can't run the hole bizness by myself, yoo know! Mao's alwayz sayin, "I'm an idea man -- the big pikcher guy. Yoo werk owt the deetales." Sownded good at the time, but reeely, it just meens that he duzn't do any of the werk. Maybe I'll save up my munneys to buy him owt.

Heer is a pikcher of the interns last nite. As yoo can see, thare vary entooziastik but not vary disiplind.