Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HOT mancats! Time to Ogle!!!!

Vote for yer faverite Spicy Vixin! Go to halloweencontest.blogspot.com and then emale me (rocky AT rockytheguttercat DOT com) with yer vote for the hottest spicy vixin! DO IT NOW!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Got an Award!!!!!

I was vary thrild and surprized to git a grate award frum BlackCat.

As yoo can see, it's a vary prestijus award and I was vary lucky to win it. But if yoo didn't win it, it duzn't meen yer a loozer.

I'm going to nommynate sum of the blogs I like:

Caesar and Prinnie. Cuz thare geezers like me.
Bathsheba and Jake. Cuz 'Shebas hot and thare both geezers.
Sadie. Cuz she's hot and she looks ixzaktly like me. And her blog is good.
DaisyMae Maus. Cuz she's hot and almost a geezer, and she'd git mad if I didn't nommynate her.

Thanks, Black Cat! I'm going bak to sleep now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I fownd a nice place to hang owt

Today I wint owt of the howse. Kinda like the old times beefore I got sik. It was grate. The wether was vary warm and I enjoyed sleepin on the chares by the pool. But it was hard to reelax, cuz a vishus yappy dawg mite brake thru the gate and chase me into the pool. So I looked for sumplace else to sleep that was safe frum dawgs. I fownd this grate red thing in the garaje. I've seen Skeeze ride arownd in it. I looked inside, and yoo know, it has 2 nice soft pillows inside, so I klimed in and wint to sleep. Unforchewnitly, the ladey had a cow cuz she didn't know ware I was and she thot the coyotes beehind owr howse ate me becuz she assumed I crawled into the forest to die, but I just kinda overslept becuz the pillows were so soft and cumfy. Boy, was she glad to see me! --- THE END by RtGC

PEE ESS: All yoo mancats hoo volunteerd to help me judge the Spicy Vixin category in the Halloween Contest: yer in for a treet! We can set back in owr Hugh Hefner robes and suk on sum big catnip cigars and ogle until we go cross-eyed. I mite even see if I can git Bathsheba to do some pole danses. Maybe after we can drop by Da Bing. Thanks for stepping up to the plate -- it's a thankliss job, but sumbuddy's gotta do it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm still taking applikayshuns for hot mancats to judje my category in the Halloween Costoom Kontest. Baysikly, we'll just krap owt on the Barcolownjer, hit the nip reel hard and then ogle the hot gerlcats hoo entered and come up with a winner. Let me know if yer intristed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Halloween Costoom Contest

I'm sponsering an award in the big Cat Bloggers Halloween Costoom Kontest. It will be "Rocky's Spicy Vixin Award" for the gerlcat with the hottest owtfit. Yoo need not be a member of my Spicy Vixins' Harem to win. Yoo just have to be hot and know how to strut yer stuff. Fur ixzampul, look at Tiggy's costoom frum last yeer... H-O-T: HOT! She put the vava in vavava-vooooom!

The prize will be the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in yer name... and probly sum nip, too. And maybey an invitayshun bak to my grotto: yoo know I'm sleeping on the peepul bed, now!

PEE ESS: If yer name is Halloween, yoo mite have an edje.

Spicy Vixins Costoom Idea

Hey, Vixins! I fownd a nice harum costoom for the Halloween Costoom Contest!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pirate or Devil??

I'm having a hard time trying to deeside whut to dress up as for Halloween. I wunted to be a devil but that stoopid Trip is gonna be a devil and he mite call me a copycat even tho he duzn't exaktly have the monopully on devil soots. So maybe I shood be a pirate. I like pillajing. Ixsept I don't have a hook to put on my paw. I wunder ware yoo can git one.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reezults are in: How to woo a spicy vixin

The reezults of my latest pole are in are heer is how yoo anserd the qweschun: How do yoo woo yer spicy vixins?

The kleer winner with 52% of the vote was "Poetry, roze petuls, a fether bed and a ded mowse."

Other reesponses:

20%: Nip. Lotsa nip. Then thare even looser than uzhual.
16% Frank Sinatruh myoosik and a massaje.
10% No nip until after the luvvin. Otherwize she's too wacked.

If yer a spicy vixin, pleeze vote in my new pole at the top of my sidebar on the rite: How do yoo like to be wooed???