Monday, October 02, 2006

My Helth

I am surprizd by how menny of yoo cats are asking abowt my helth -- spesifikly abowt how my pee problim is doing. So heer's the update:
  1. No more ubstrukshuns. No more vet trips.

  2. They've bin forsing me to stay inside at nite wich at ferst I detested, but now I'm a regyuler nitetime inside cat. Skeez' got a lot of good nip for his berthday, and he's very nice to share it with me. And he's gotten me to play with him. I haven't played sinse Joonyer wint away. Joonyer was Mao's bruther hoo Skeez' "replayst". Joonyer was my best frend. He was the ferst cat hoo playd with me, and we became best frends. We'd cuddul up and sleep together. He was the gratest. Then something happend, and Joonyer wuzn't heer any more. That made me deprest, and that's win I desided to go bak to being a fulltime owtside cat, and I didn't play anymore. Skeez came to liv with us, and he wunted to play, but I wuz too deprest over Joonyer to play with Skeez' (hoo frankly, got on my nervs), and I never saw him much becuz he was an inside cat, and I was an owtside cat. So win my pee problim got bad and I was forst to stay inside, I had to spend more time with the wite rat. He got me playin agin. It's nice. I like playin'. It's fun. I git so nipped owt that I literully clime the walls win I play with Skeez. I'm FRISKY. We like to chase eech other fast thru the howse. It makes me purrr.

  3. They put medisin goop on my eers for my thigh roids problim. I have no ideeyuh why they put it on my eer, and not my thighz. I also have no ideeyuh why "thigh" has a "gh" on the end.

  4. I won't know until I get crammed into the cardbord prizzin box win I go to the vet next. Maybe never. Maybe today. I just don't know. They won't tell me becuz they think I'll run away if I know. Thare rite.

Thank yoo all fer yer consern. It's nice. THE END --- RtGC

PS: Heer's sum pikchurs of me with my best frend Joonyer:


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're so glad yur playin an peein an feelin frisky! it must be so sad ta lose yur best furrend. yur pic-shures show how close you was.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

You guys look like best buddies! But we think Skeez will be a good buddy, too. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Kaze said...

I'm very happy to hear you're frisky again and enjoying Skeezix. Us frootbats can bring out the frisky in most kitties.

Junior looks like he was a great snuggle buddy! Maybe Skeezix can be for you too?

Kismet said...

Joonyer looks like a GREAT cat. I am glad that you and Skeez have been playing -- he told me you guys really like the blingy toys I gave him for my birthday! I'm glad it's not your yurinerry trakt. That is not fun.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo and mr. tasty face must have played with joonyer a lot cause mr. tf misses him too. Weve nevur seen yoo cuddle with othur kitties like yer doing in the picktur with joonyer. Vary cute.

So glad yoo are enjoying skeezers and he's not getting on yer nurves as much animore.

Sounds like yer getting bettur!!! Yeaaa.

Tabbygail, Tanith, Ikaika and Stella said...

We're so happy you are playing with Skeezix and feeling FRISKY! And while nobody can ever truly replace a friend like Joonyer, it looks like you and Skeezix are getting to be special friends, too. We are also a bit confused about the medicine on your ears. We must ask our mom to research that ... hmmmm.

Your friends,

Tabbygail, Tanith, 'Kaika and Stella

Lux said...

Aww, those are nice pictures of you and Joonyer. I'm glad you're feeling better, and enjoying playing with Skeez. I liked seeing you in the Pink Panther video!

Karen Jo said...

I am glad you are feeling better and even frisky. I hope you don't have to go into the prison box again any time soon.

The Meezers said...

we is so glad that your peeing prollem is getting better. we has been furry worried 'bout you. it's good to play again too!

one of the pierce kitties said...

it's furry good to read that you're feeling fine again--there's nuthin' like bein' able to tinkle when ya wanta--without pain!

junior looked like he was a real cuddle-master. sure, you miss him a lot--we all miss friends who leave before we do. but we're furry glad you and skeezy play now, and you are enjoying life again. frankly, we are breathing a big sigh of relief that you are gonna be cozywarm in the cold nights ahead!

headbonks, and a friendly swat *can't catch me*


Cecilia said...

We are very glad to hear that you are doing well. And playing with Skeez! We hope you don't miss Junior so much anymore.

Eric and Flynn said...

We can see yoo an Junyoor wuz big buddies, an it wuz sad that yoo lost him. We's glad that yer peeing problums are better, an now winter's coming yoo want to make the most of being indoors wiv .Skeezix

Eclair's Exciting Escapades said...

My ladee and me arr so glad yoor feelin bettur! My ladee is a nerze an she wuz veree wurryed abowt yoo. It sownds like yer havin a lot of fun playin wif Skeezy. I wish I cud come ovfur an play wif yoo geyes, but Kalifornya is veree veree far away.


Ariel said...

Glad your feeling better.Huggs and Purrs :)

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We're glad you're feelin' better! We're sorry 'bout your best buddy, but it sounds like Skeezix is doin' a good job of gettin' you to play!