Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ware's the man?

I haven't seen the man hoo livs with us in a wile. And his bloo masheen has bin gone, too, wich I miss becuz I like hanging owt under it. It is very close to the grownd, wich is good if yoo need to hide frum dawgs or vishus deer. But then, I haven't been hanging outside much lately. Mostly, the lady makes me stay in the howse. I like doing that more and more. With the man away, the lady lets all us cats sleep in the peeple bed with her. Last nite, I desided to try it. She put down a nitted afgan for me wich she remembers I liked frum a long time ago. Thare's sumthing abowt it that makes me wanna make muffins and drool. Shoor enuf, the minit she put me down on it, the drool kikt in and my paws started kneeding it back and forth. It was reely nice and it made me happy. Mao sleeped between the lady's legs on top of the cuvvers, and Skeez burrowed under the cuvvers and cuddled into the lady. He needs to sleep under the cuvvers becuz he doesn't have pajamas like Kismet has, and it gits cold at nite.

I like this new sleeping arranjemint. If it's becuz the man's away, then I hope he stays away forever. Well, no, maybe not. He always, like, has conversayshuns with me and is intristed in whut I have to say. He's a good frend. But he's not wild abowt cats on the bed at nite.


Cecilia said...

Well, it sounds like you sre feeling better now?
Our Meowmie also like the kitties to sleep in the bed, but the boyfriend does not!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...'s what ya do...when the man comes back, you guys keep sleepin on the bed wif the lady an the man sleeps sumware else. see? makes purrfect sense ta us.

The Meezers said...

when the man gets back, get him his own bed

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Mr. Tasty Face (as Skeezix calls him) seems vary vary cul. Not many peeple tawk to us cats...purrhaps its because they know we are superior.

Hey, maybe mr TF will want to sleep in the gutter at nite and yoo can sleep with the lady? Owr lady says if he makes yer lady reeeeeelly mad he has to sleep in the gutter. We're not advising...just suggjesting.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

o, rocky, me hopes u r feelin better today. i's been worry'd 'bout u wif ur sick kid-mees. u sounds better, sleepin' on a nice sof bed 'n droolin' 'n all...KC

Bravely Sir Robin said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Rocky! Yeah, sleeping on the bed is great when it's cold. We've been having cooler weather here and the beans put a blanket on the bed so I've been napping on there both all night & during the day too!!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh cool! Your own personal afghan.

The Man just needs to understand that you've staked out a claim to the bed and he needs to find someplace else to sleep!

Kaze said...

I'm glad you're hanging out indoors Rocky, its pretty nice inside. Of course, if I go outside I start screaming like crazy 'cause I'm terrified.

Stupid Tall Man doesn't like cats in the bed either. Too bad for him the Lap Lady said tough noogies. I sleep in her arm pit, Latte sleeps on top of me and Chase curls up on her feet. Tall man gets his side so why would he complain?

Oh yeah...we wake them up a lot.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

What's with our men? They don't seem to like to share the bed with us. Mom usually goes to bed before Dad and she loves it that I join her. But as soon as Dad comes in the room, it's, "Sheba, off. Go to your own bed." Shhesh.