Friday, August 25, 2006

Whut Catmint Looks Like

Heer is my inside frend Skeezix owt in his harniss for a walk. He's batting beez in the Catmint. A few of yoo asked whut Catmint was, so I thot I'd show yoo a pikchur. This is just a small pikchur of it, but the Catmint is very ginormous. I sumtimes sleep in the middul of it. It smells good and it's pritty and I haloosinate. I like haloosinating. It's fun. Yoo shood try it. I don't like Skeezix gitting his smell all over my Catmint, but forchunitly, he's not owt in my Catmint very offin. THE END --- RtGC


The Meezers said...

wow. that looks like fun to roll around in. MOOOOOMMM - get us some!!!! (oh, PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE?)

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo have sooooo much catmint. Yoo must be vary vary dizzy all the time!

Patches & Mittens said...

We wuz told by rosie and cheetos that you might be a nipologist. We are thinking of planting a huge farm of it and then selling shares, cuz I am a Feline Finance Counselor now. Do you meet the qualifications?


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Yoo know, Patches, that sownds like a grate idea. Cownt me in! I mite need yoo to set up a fake frunt cumpany that I can lawnder munney thru, tho. I'm shoor that as an Investmint Cownsler yoo know all abowt how to do that stuff.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Rocky- Yoo are a true gutter cat who nows his stuff. Lawnduring monney and creayting a fake cumpanie!?!?! Yoo are a true eggspert!

Cecilia said...

Rocky, now we all want to come visit you and your catnip.

one of the pierce kitties said...

hello, rocky! thank you for stopping by our bloggie.

we think you're pretty lucky, sleeping in a catmint bed! just be furry wary when you are out in the driveway, so mr tinydik doesn't drown you! we know you're street-savvy, but if you're mint-brained, you maybe wouldn't notice.

you know, garrison keillor calls kitties like you and uncle eeker "old guy cats", and we like that better than "geezer cats". old guys get around pretty good and still get frisky. geezers sit and drool.

take care of yourself, brave guy!

purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing