Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Playing Ded

I know exactly 1 trik: playing ded. It always kind of freeks out the peeple, and I can see out of the korner of my eye that thare looking at me, trying to figyur out if I'm rodekill or not. Then they'll call to me and of korse I ignore them. So they'll come up closer to see if I'm breething, and I hold my breth and hold reel still, and just win I sense thare abowt to panik, I stretch and role over, and they almost always go "OH, Rocky, yoo funney cat!" And then I go bak to sleep, wich is my profeshun, in case yoo didn't know. Wunce, I was playing ded in the gutter and I fooled sum peeple walking by. They dubbled bak, and stopped to see if I was breething, and so I held my breth, and I cood heer them asking eech other what they shood do, and then I rolled over and they just abowt krapped thare pants. It was very very funney. THE END --- RtGC


Kismet said...

Oh, Rocky. I am so glad you have a blog.

The Meezers said...

You are hi-stair-a-kel Rocky! That's a good trick!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Amazing yoo can hold yer breth for that long. So cul!!