Monday, August 21, 2006


Me and Mao had a rumble last Saturday (did yoo ever notis thare's a "turd" in the middle of Saturday?) at midnite. Rosie and Cheeto sugjested it. That's the reel reezin Mao is kranky. I whooped his sorry MaoBUTT. I may be a geezer cat, but I know gutter cat fiting tekneeks and I have streetsmarts. THE END --- RtGC


The Meezers said...

rumble in the ash-fault jungle!

Latte said...

Wow, I wish there was a video of that! I don't know though Rocky, that picture looks like Mao is about to get a good whack in.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

My brother Max and I usually try to settle our differences like gentlemen, but sometimes we do end up whapping each other.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

Awesume, more rumbles from the furry monstur peenut gallery...but this time in the daylite so skeezers can film yoo!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh, yeah, I could learn sum moves from you! So far, Victor doesn't take me seriously. Ears back - check. Tail lashing - check. Teeth bared - check. But he just mews and tries to pet me!!!
About yur male... If you need infestment advice, Patches Lady of the Calico Girls wants to become an infestment advisor. She has a paper, pencil, and great hat.

Patches & Mittens said...

Yup, I am a vestement visor. Thanks for the plug Bonnie.

Patches, Feline Finance Councelor

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Deer Latte,
Unforchunitly, this foto does not show how Mao was recoiling in this foto, going "Oh, shoot, I broke a nale!! Sumwun call 9-1-1!! Help" just like the sissy cat he is.

Yoo are one HOT babe!!! I've got sum nip (the good stuff: all buds/no stems/triple strength) I'd be happy to share with yoo. Then we can diskus my "assets", if yoo git my drift.