Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trip an Rocky's Big Advenchur

TRIP: HI EVRYBUDDDY !!!!!! !!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !!! !!!! WOW it was GRATE to meet yoo all at the big berthday bash! I had a lot of fun mixing drinks and chasing moths and sorry abowt PUKING IN THE TREET BOWL I thot it was a planter or sumthing I'd never seeen KITTY GRASS beefore. Rocky sez its not the KIND YOO SMOKE. Me, I'm always SMOKIN' just like Jim Carrey sed in that MOOVEY was it THE MASK? I LOVE JIM CARREY and Jerry Lewus too. I'm on Rocky's blog today cuz THAY WON'T LET ME HAVE A BLOG OF MY OWN so me and Rock are gonna talk abowt owr big advencher that we wint on together to the VETS at Bullevard Pet Hospitul !!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

ROCKY: Trip, remember whut I sed abowt not using evry singul color and font in existense???

TRIP: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Can I talk now Mr KNOW IT ALL???

ROCKY: Trip, yoo go rite ahed.

TRIP: OKAY. Well, the best part was gitting to SHOOT, ROCKY! I CAN'T BLOG IN ONE COLOR!!!!

ROCKY: If yoo wanna be on my blog, yoo hafta blog in ONE COLOR. THEMS THE ROOLZ.

TRIP: Sheesh. Well it started win they put me in this prizzin box that they BOT JUST FOR ME!!!! That meens they wunt to keep me! They dint have one that was big enuf so they got me my own and it is the best of all the prizzin boxes and IT EVEN HAS A MOONROOF!!!!!! Yoo can look owt of it just like I'm doing heer:

See, isn't it grate??? And we GOT TO RIDE IN THE BLOO MASHEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time they did this, my hoo ha's got stolen. So I thot maybe we were going to git them bak! Heer's Rocky and me, side by side: rode trip buds!

ROCKY: We were NOT rode trip buds.

TRIP: It wasn't ixzaktly a reelaxing drive cuz Rocky was moaning over and over and over "Draw BLUD! Draw BLUD!" It was kinda gitting on my nervs.

ROCKY: Yeah, for all the good it did. I nailed three of 'em and YOO didn't even ixtend a klaw or bar a tooth the entire time!!!!!!! Yer supost to be psyko yoo dimwit.

TRIP: Rock, I was having TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

ROCKY: Whutever.

TRIP: And so the wite leg man sat down with me for a wile and sed soothing things to me like, "Tripper, buddy, how ya doin'?" I cood see NEERLY EVRYTHING frum my moonroof but Rocky coodn't cuz he had the old beet up geezer PTU. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!

ROCKY: Tripper, shutup.

TRIP: And they poked me and and stuk cold things up ware they shoodn't be stikking them -- rite arownd Spot #13.

TRIP: And they stikt needuls in me!

It was no piknik for me, eether. The man hoo was not the uzhual vet man stuk his tung owt at me and then shined a lazer beem into my eyes, wich led me to suspekt he cood be in kahoots with da vishus deer!!!! It's ok. He did not eskape unskaythed.

TRIP: We wzs in a room with lots of pikchers of that stuk up kranky cat hoo livs with us and that big eared sqweek toy: thare sellebrities! Did yoo know that? And the man in the wite kote sed I was a nice cat one of the nicest he's ever SEEN and win he sed that, the ladey sed, "Yoo wunt him?" HAHAHAHAAHA sumtimes she kraks me up.

ROCKY: I don't think the ladey wuz joking.
And don't call me Rock. It's "Rocky". Heer's anuther torcher pikcher. It took 2 of them to hold me down. Pownd for pownd, that shoze yoo just how strong I am! I just kept thinkin thots of an afternoon surrownded by Spicy Vixins.

ROCKY: The werst part of the hole krappy day was on the way home, Tripper krapt and peed in his PTU. WAY TO GO, TRIP!!!

TRIP: Don't call me TRIP --- it's Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat to yoo.

ROCKY: It always makes me laff to see how fast the peepul can role down the windows win yoo evakyooate yer bowels inside thare car with the nice lether seets.

TRIP: I dint like that part. I got dookey on my booty. And on the rest of me, too. I got imberrust.

ROCKY: Dood, yoo were awesum!!! All of a suddin, the ladey was drivin' like she was at Maliboo Grand Pree. She rownded one of the korners on two tires!

TRIP: It was pritty stinky.

ROCKY: And then, win they got home, they had to immeediutly give yoo a bath.

TRIP: I don't think I liked that part. They gave my nice new box a bath, too. Even the moonroof got a bath.

ROCKY: But Trip, why in the Sam Hill didn't yoo use yer claws and skratch them to peeses win yoo got yer bath?

TRIP: Shoot. I dunno. Was I supost to? I was distrakted cuz I didn't wunt my nice new box to smell like dookie.

ROCKY: Whutever. I slept the rest of the day.

TRIP: I coodn't sleep. I wuz too izsited!!!!! I think the peepul wunt to keep me!

ROCKY: Time to sine off, Trip.

TRIP: Can I use colors?

ROCKY: Nope.

TRIP : Rats. OK then. Life is grate! Laffin an Laffin!

ROCKY: That's Jeter's line, Trip. Yoo need yer own.

TRIP: How abowt "Life's a Trip!"

ROCKY: That'll do.


小芥 michico said...

Great to know you are good~!
Have a nice weekend.

Parker said...

Tripper, I think you are "home free." I have a moonroof on my PTU too! It doesn't make me like it though. I still wish you had your own blog, but Rocky sure is nice to share his today!
I hope you have a fun weekend. Come over and see me sometime.

Kelly Cat said...

Trip, if you can smile through a trip to the v*t, you're a better cat than I am!

poppyq said...

Ha ha - that was a funny story about your vet adventure.

Glad to hear you both got to come home together though.

Trip your folks might need to get you nappies fo your next car ride.

Poppy Q

Honey P. Sunshine said...

great adventure boys!

Cyclone Cats said...

Tripper, it was nice to read about your adventure without having to lay down afterwards. We agree...we wish you had your own blog but we'll read you wherever they let you post! Life is a Trip!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Rocky, what did da guy in da white kote say? Are yoo okay? I hope dey din't hert yoo! I will go skratch der eyes out if dey did! Oh, and Trip, yoor suppose to do da dooky while da vet guy is egzamining yoo. It's good to pee on 'em too~Sadie

Daisy said...

Hahahahaha! What an exciting, scary, and amazing adventure you had. Tripper, I am very surprised to learn that you can be such a good boy sometimes. Now, if you will just learn a few basic social skills, you will probably be invited to many many more parties! I think it is a very good sign that you got your own PTU! And the deluxe model, too.

Sorry the v-e-t stuck something up Spot #13. It is no wonder you pooped in your PTU.

Eric and Flynn said...

Trip we fink it's time yoo had yer own blog!!!! Glad yoo injoyed yer visit to the V E T although it's not eggzackly what we would call a fun day out.

DK & The Fluffies said...

So Trip, why do you have all of those bells on?

Caesar and Princess said...

Yay, you survived the visit to the vetman. Tripper you are wonderful for being nice and not being aggressive. I, personally, am very proud of you for that.
Rocky, we are so glad that you are doing well, and thanks for letting Tripper use your blog.

They should have litter boxes at the vetman. What did the humans think, you having to hold it for that long!

<3 happy week-end

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

A moonroof, huh? In my case it would be a "stick your paw through the bars and claw the heck outta the hand holding the handle" roof...but that's just me.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hey Trip, we fink yoo rock. Yoo need a blog so yoo can be a Rockin' Boy Blogger, so we made yoo an onnery one instead. See our post furr deetales.

Derby said...

Trip, you sound like you had an adventure. My PTU has a moon roof too and I like it. Mum's metal monster has a moon roof too. So then I can see the sky when we go for a ride.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Ha,ha,ha....You guys are very funny! Your new prizzin box sounds nice, mine doesn't have a moon roof :(

DaisyMae Maus said...

Trip! Dood! What a great trip you had to the V-E-T ... Are they gonna keep you? Will you get your own blog then?


PeeSss: Hi Rocky! Meow!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Dood, stop by da party tomoro...cats was walking on da ceiling tonite and mom din't effun yell or nuffing!

Lux said...

Rocky, I'm sure sorry about the vet!

But I nominated you for a Rockin' Boy Blogger award!

Jeter and Mickey said...

deer tripper an rocky,
i'mma little late in reedin dis post abowt yer big advenchur. it wuz verree eksitin fer me to reed. i enjoyed evree word!
i havta say ... i wuz on da edje uv mi seet ... an den i laffed an laffed!
yes tripper ... i think dey wanna keep u.
life'z grate ... anna trip!
yer frend--jh

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, that is one grate storie! Yoo two seemed to have an advenchur. Why did the vet man stick his tunge owt at yoo and shine lazurbeems in yer eyes? How crazy, Tripper the Psycko stray cat! -Cheeto

And Rocky, yoo sure are a strong geezer cat if it took two of them to hold yoo down!! Draw Blud, Draw Blud!! -Rosie

pippin_and_turtle said...

we think you need your own blog too, trip. we read skeezix's and mao's and rocky's-it feels kinda sad not to read yours!

and rocky, you're a nice guy to let/put up with trip using your blog :)

Sahadeva and Arjuna said...

I think your signoff should be "I have half a mind to have half a mind." Tripper the Psycho Cat!

Karen Jo said...

You had an exciting trip to the vet. You were very well-behaved, Trip, well, at least until it was time to come home. I hope you are doing OK, Rocky.

Hot(M)BC said...

Rocky, it was nice of you to let Tripper blog with you today. Sorry he stunk up his PTU with you in the bloo masheen though.
Tripper, that's the perfect line for you!

Ariel said...

Lol...You two are adorable :)

HRH Yao-Lin said...

oh trip well done doing something stinky in the car. Sometimes us cats have to do that to get the point across. not that I would know though.

I wish you had your own blog you know. xx

Junior said...

Sounds like you both had a great time!

Hey Rocky! I tagged you for a meme----see my blog for details!!

Junior said...

And Tripper---I hope they want to keep you!!

Tyler said...

Hey Trip, you're my hero. Now I bet your people will think twice about taking you to the v-e-t.

Rocky, thanks for letting Tripper use your blog. I think you had the right idea about how to act at the v-e-t-s. You gotta make them work to keep you down.

Glad you two are healthy.

Angus said...

Hey Rocky, Hey Tripper, My mom laughed so hard when she read this to me she could hardly finish..her eyes were leaking and I'm sure something was about to be snorted, but I jumped down pretty quick...Oh, and just so you know..They don't give those hoo-ha's back...they sell them to Vishus Deer to practice smelling out and catching "joosy yung cats".