Monday, February 26, 2007

Hot Mama Monday

I got a fan male frum this cat. Her name is Halloween, and as yoo can see, she's one Hot Mama. She's a geezer like me. She sent Skeez' an emale with her pickcher and askt if he'd pass it along to me. Heer's whut she sed:

I tried to find an email address for Rocky, but I couldn't locate it. Could you please show Rocky my photo?

I am 15 years old. I like a man cat in a tux. I am named for the most important day of the year in San Francisco: Halloween. But I got this name because of the colors of my coat: black and orange. I was the runt (just like you, Skeez!) of a feral litter. I showed up in my human bean's back yard soon after I was born with my brothers and sisters. When my mom wouldn't feed me, my person took me in and gave me a nice place to live.

Tell Rocky that I sometimes try to stay outside because I liked it when I was a kitten. But I always come back in at night or when it gets too cold or rainy. I get very mad at my people when it rains and tell them to turn the outside faucet off in the clouds but they do not listen to me. Does Rocky ever get annoyed like this? I like climbing the big incense cedar tree in my back yard. I can do a few circus tricks on it.

Anyway, pass my photo along to Rocky & please and tell him I love nip if he wants to share!


PS Now that I have a photo to share, I'll see if I can get my person to set up a blog for me!
Let me say agin that Halloween is ONE HOT MAMA and I can't wate to share my primo stash with her.


Karen Jo said...

Halloween is a hot mama. Sign her up for the Spicy Vixens immediately, if not sooner.

Daisy said...

Halloween is beautiful! I am very impressed that you got fan mail Rocky. I agree with Karen Jo, she is definitely Spicy Vixen material.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Hallowe'en is lovely.

My big question is: R U trying to make me jealous, Rocky the Gutter Cat? (Notice how I used your whole name ... When Mom does this to me, I'm in trouble!)



Oooooh I agree.
Halloweeen is very very pritty.
She needs a blog.

Uh oh. Rocky I think you are in trubble with daisymae.

eeek. I 'm leaving

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

DMM, yoo RAN OFF WITH JAKE for VD!!!!! And the rest of the harem ran off, too. I just sat alone in my tunnel box and wint thru my entire primo stash and then got the munchies and ate stuff. Halloween is my first step toward rebilding my harem.

Yer welcome any time ... yoo know I luv ya, baybee!!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Rocky the Gutter Cat, I did not run off with another man cat on VD! Yoo dropped da ball my man and forgot to invite all yoor vixens to partee! But that's beside the point. Halloween is beyootiful and being that she's a lot closer to your age, she should be a spicy vixen! I'd watch the viagra tho, I heard it can make you blind and give older cats heart attacks

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

wow - she sure is gorgeous! and look at all that fluff! she's gonna make a great addition to your harem.