Monday, January 15, 2007

Fund-Razing Auction to help Brandi's Mom: ENDS TODAY!

This is frum Skeezix's blog. He askt me to post it. Bidding ends at midnite tonite PST.

Heer's Mao's descripshun:
Most of yoo know that Brandi's mom's unemploymint runs owt this munth: and after that, NUTHING! Things are vary scary for them. So, as promist, Mao is auctioning off his byootiful pink satin boodwahr robe (just like mine, ixsept a size MED) and give the proseeds to Brandi's mom. This is the vary same fame-us robe that Mao pozed in for a challinge, and then Kismet pozed in for a challinge. This byootiful robe is a medium size, and IT HAS MAO's SMELL and KISMET'S SMELL on it. AND Rocky has agreed to sleep on it so it has his smell, too, and he has been likking himself on it. So it's reely a one-of-a-kind item yoo can't git anyware else! Even if yer not a robe-waring cat, just being abul to sniff all thoze smells is reezin enuf to buy it!

And Mao and Rocky have agreed to donate a can of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt to the highest bidder! And I'm also donayting one of my majik morfing Skeezix mugs! So the high bidder gits:
  • Pink Satin robe with Mao, Rocky and Kismet's smell on it
  • An awtografft foto of Mao's boodwahr shot waring the robe
  • A can of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt
  • A majik morfing Skeezix mug!
The robe is pink satin with a comfy terry lining and it's trimmed in furry stuff. It has a modesty tie arownd the waste. Yoo can reed all the deetales of this robe by klikking heer.

>> GO HEER to REED ALL the DEETALES and submit a bid (DO NOT submit bids on this post.)

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