Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thigh Roid Thursday

I've bin feeling pritty krappy lately. And yesterday I just wuzn't up to eeting or drinking or pooping or peeing, so I just lade by my water fowntin and slept. The peepul started to git werried, so late last nite they pulled owt the torcher box, forst me into it, and drove me away in the bloo masheen.

We wint to one dokter hoo poked me in emberrussing places and told us that thare dokters left at 10pm, but that I wuz running a feever and had sum discharjes, so I shood go rite away to the emerjinsy vet. So we drove all the way to anuther cownty and wint to anuther dokter hoo took me rite in and put me in an oxyjen tent (but we wern't going camping) and started torchering me more. I didn't care. I felt poopy. They let the peepul come in and pet me and then they sent them bak owt. Thare were woofies and berdies thare, too, but I didn't have much of an appytite for berdies. After many many needul torchers, and many many howrs, they put me bak in the cardbord box and we wint bak in the bloo masheen and I wint home. And rite beefore we got to owr howse, a vishus deer ran tord the bloo masheen and tride to git me! Needless to say, I did not have my Mao & Rocky's VDR with me. Cood the nite have bin any werse???

The peepul were werried that I was going into renul and hart faylyer, and I had a feever and a fast hart rate and bad breething. But it terns owt, my kidmeez arn't so bad, but my hart is vary inlarjed and my thighroids are givving me problims wich I don't unnerstand becuz my thighs felt just fine. The peepul lookt like deth warmd over. I think I need to milk thare simputhy for all its werth. But don't cownt ole' Rocky owt, yet!


Parker said...

Hi Rocky, glad you are home and that your kidneys are ok. Are they gonna' make you take medicine for your thigh roids and heart rate? Have you eaten anything? Drank? I hope so!
Keeping you in my good thoughts - make your people cook you shrimp or somethin' - Oh! I know, make them catch you a live mouse or bird or somethin' like that!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

What an ordeal!! I'm so glad you came home so quickly. I'm sorry your people are so sleepy today, they obviously care a lot about you.


Daisy said...

Pixie would like to know what medicines you are taking for your heart. She said her heart is enlarged, and has been getting bigger for over 6 years now!

I sure hope you start to feel better soon. Being sick is very icky. I am going to sing a get-well song for you:

"Hello, world, hear the song that we're singin'
C'mon get happy!
A whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringin'
We'll make you happy!"

Well, that song came from the Partridge family, so I hope it didn't make you sicker.

Riley & Tiki said...

We hope they give you some good medicines so that you feel better soon.

Junior said...

Rocky, rest up and get better!!!!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Psst, Rocky, Sadie has been worried sick about yoo. She's in mom's sewing room hiding under da kwilt! We won't tell her about da vishus deer but we will let her know dat yoor a little bit sick and dat we shood keep purraying fur yoo to feel better. She'll be so releeved. She woodent say it cuz it duzent go wif her flirty, breezy gerlkitty image but she reely does love yoo the best.~Speedy

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Rocky, we hope you feel better soon.

NinjaCat said...

Hey Rocky!! I hope you are getting some Tapazole for your thyroids! I was reading where they have a kind of Tapazole that you can just rub on the inside of your ear, so you don't have to take a yukkky pill!! Please take care and feel better soon!


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

I git the Tapazole on the ear thing but it hazn't helpd my thigh roids, wich is why my hart is inlarjed and thare werried that I have clots. I gonna see if I can git sum medikul marrywahnah.

Pixie said...

Dear Rocky,
I used to take a piece of baby aspirin every other day to help prevent clots because there is a lot of turbulence in my heart because of a mitral valve regurgitation. But I go to a veterinary cardiologist and she said that Plavix has been found to be more effective than baby aspirin in preventing clots. I think it is a pretty new medicine (for cats, I mean). Anyway, I have been taking 1/4 of a 75 MG tab of Plavix for almost a year now, and I haven't had any more seizures since then!

I hope your heart gets better. Since it is caused by your thyroid problem, maybe it is reversible! Mine just keeps getting worse.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

rocky i had the same probelm my heart was enlgared due to my thirirod too. and i felt relly bad this fall but then i got raido cat and i all better now

your buddy mu shue

Caesar and Princess said...

Deeer Rocky, we hope you feel better soon. I went to the vet yesterday and got tortured. It was disgusting and horrible.
I hope you get some special attention. You and me are geezers but we are not ded yet.
be strong!


DaisyMae Maus said...

I am furry worried 'bout you. Please feel better.

Parker said...

medikul marrywahnah - that's the ticket!

The Furry Kids said...

Rocky, we hope you feel better soon. We're crossing our paws that your thighs get sorted out. Sending lots of thoughts and purrayers your way.

Titus, Tazo, & EG

Jeter and Mickey said...

deer rocky,
i reelee hope yer feelin better. mi mom haz sum thigh roid ... an she takez da pillz ... an she'z in prettee good shape.
"medikul marrywahnah" i'm laffin an laffin parker!
luv--yer frend--jh

The Meezers said...

Oh Rocky, we is so upset that you is sick. What are they doing to try and shrink your heart? did they gif you thighroid medikshuns? please get better dood!

Halloween said...

Rocky, I am so sorry you are feeling sick. I could come over and do a special spicy vixins dance for you. Or I could just cuddle up with you and keep you warm. I am sending you many purrs. xxxoooo

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh no Rocky! We are sooo wurried about yoo. We know yoo are a supur tuff cat but it's scary to have to go thru all thowse health things AND have a deer attak yoo!

Were not cownting yoo out, big buddy rocky! Yer just keeping yer peepul busy!!!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Rocky, we are so worried about you.

I have hyperthyroidism and have been taking half a tapazole pill with every meal since last July. It's not so bad. I used to just get dry food (which I DO love), but now I get Fancy Feast because Mom can hide the pill in it. I don't even taste it.

Take plenty of catnip and chill out, Rocky. As part of your harem, Bathsheba sends her love.


Karen Jo said...

I know you are one tough dude, Rocky, and I feel sure that you will come through this. I hope you get some good medicine for your thyroid and that will take care of your heart, too. Feel better soon.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Rocky. We just found out you're feeling poorly.

Sending healing purrss to your.


Hang in there, Rocky.

Ikaika, Tabbygail, Tanith and Stella said...

We hope you start feeling better soon, Rocky. We are very worried about you and are sending many loving thoughts and much healing energy your way.

Your friends,

'Kaika, Tabbygail, Tanith and Stella