Monday, July 17, 2006

The big red velvet cowch

I can't help but notis that the nayburs acrost the street have a byootiful classy red velvet cowch in thare driveway. It used to be on thare sidewok with a bunch of othur crap, but the peeple hoo took away the other crap left the byootiful red velvet cowch behind. After a few days, thay moovd it to the driveway. I don't know much abowt fernichur, but the food lady calls it the hillbilly cowch. I reely wood like them to move it owt of thare driveway and into my gutter so I cood sleep on it, and the water frum Mr Tinydik's lawn wood just run underneeth the cowch and I woodn't git wet in the gutter like I do now, wich is why I have to spend a lot of time in the driveway, wich I don't like as much. Today, I wint over to thare driveway to see if anybody was thare that I cood ask abowt mooving the cowch over, but nobuddy came out. THE END --- RtGC

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THE ZOO said...

hi rocky, we got a girl poodie named rocky. she is a tuxie & very loving.